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Scheduled Auto Maintenance

Scheduled Auto Maintenance

While today's vehicles are more dependable, they are also more complex and still require routine maintenance. We follow the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer to keep your vehicle in top running condition.

All Things Automotive has the knowledge and expertise to help you keep your car on the road and dependable. By following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and performing a thorough inspection with each service we are able to alert you to upcoming repairs which allows you to schedule the time and money necessary for the repairs. By scheduling these repairs and services in advance, you eliminate extra costs associated with emergency repairs such as tow bills and rental cars.

Automobile maintenance is nothing like it used to be. Thankfully! In the past, your vehicle required regular replacement of a variety of parts: spark plugs, ignition wires, PCV valves, distributor caps, ignition rotors, and more. With the exception of spark plugs, technology has replaced most of these with advanced, integrated ignition systems. Nevertheless, vehicle maintenance is still vital. So what does your vehicle really need in order to maintain it?

General Vehicle Maintenance includes Oil and Oil Filter Service, Coolant/Antifreeze Flush, Brake System Flush, Transmission Fluid Service Differential/Gear Box/Transfer Case Services. If we add tire maintenance - rotation, balance, replacement, and alignments - that about covers the extent of vehicle maintenance services for today's vehicles.

Then there are various maintenance inspections: brakes, front end, under-carriage, belts, hoses, and battery. Lastly, we can't forget wiper blades and miscellaneous lubrication services.

There are two more maintenance services to keep in mind outside of manufacturer recommendations. The first is fuel system cleaning maintenance. Also called fuel injector cleaning auto maintenance. The second is pre road trip car maintenance....that's it!

All Things Automotive serves Fort Collins, Loveland and the Northern Colorado area. We provide quality auto repair service and maintenance on any car, truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet repair. If you need an oil change, tune up or an accurate auto diagnostic testing and repair, you can count on the technicians and mechanics at All Things Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado for honest, dependable auto repair service at fair prices.
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