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Radiator Repair

The radiator is located in a convenient position under the hood of the vehicle. Its actual location under the hood depends on the engine configuration, available space and the shape or line of the hood itself. The radiator consists of top and bottom tanks, and a core.

The radiator core allows the coolant to pass through it in either a vertical down or horizontal cross flow direction. In addition, the radiator core serves as a good conductor of heat away from the engine.

The weather in the northern colorado area can change rapidly and be unpredictable. This can cause a lot of wear and tear on your car's cooling system. Proper maintenance of your cooling system, and radiator in particular, is necessary to optimize the performance of your vehicle and prolong its life span. Many people will try their hand at a homemade remedy for a damaged radiator. While this may give you a few more miles, it will only cause more severe problems for your engine. If your radiator is damaged, you are better off replacing it. When you are in the market for a Colorado radiator repair, call or stop by All Things Automotive.

Radiator Service includes pressure check cooling systems for leaks, visual inspection of entire engine cooling system, flush system with machine with up to 2 gallons of coolant.

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