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Fuel Injection Cleaning & Repair

Burning gasoline results in carbon deposits building up on fuel injector nozzles and internal engine parts. Over time, this carbon build-up causes poor engine performance, reduced gas mileage and sometimes damage to fuel injectors or internal engine parts. Every 37,500 miles we recommend servicing the fuel injection system to remove these carbon deposits resulting in improved engine performance, higher gas mileage, and preclude mechanical damage.

Fuel Filter. An old fuel filter can often create intermittent and mysterious problems and make it difficult to detect engine problems. All gasoline contains a small amount of dirt and contaminates that your fuel filter collects and this gradually reduces the flow of gas to your engine. When the filter is completely blocked, your car stops, or perhaps it fails to start. Usually, while there is only a partial flow of gas you may have a hard time starting, starting and stalling, or everything will seem fine at slow speed but sputter and run badly on the highway. Change it every 30,000 miles to get better gas mileage and reduce the stress of a potential breakdown.

All Things Automotive offers a fuel efficiency package that includes inspecting and cleaning throttle body, fuel injectors, air intake, and fuel tank.

All Things Automotive serves Fort Collins, Loveland and the Northern Colorado area. We provide quality auto repair service and maintenance on any car, truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet repair. If you need an oil change, tune up or an accurate auto diagnostic testing and repair, you can count on the technicians and mechanics at All Things Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado for honest, dependable auto repair service at fair prices.
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