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Ignition Repair Service

Igniton Switch

The term ignition switch is often used to refer to two different parts: the electronic switch that sits just behind the lock cylinder and the lock cylinder r into which the key is inserted. In some cars, these parts are combined, but in other cars they remain two separate entities. The ignition switch or the lock cylinder can each possibly fail in a car, but each failure has very different symptoms.

When the ignition switch fails, typically problems develop in the electrical wiring or the plastic housing. The car may not turn on or start when this occurs. Also, the spring-loaded start position can malfunction, in which case the starter won't engage unless the key is manually turned back to the on position by a professional auto technician.

When the lock cylinder malfunctions, the operation of the key can become problematic. If the tumblers are stripped, the lock cylinder may be able to turn with any key, or you may be able to remove the key when the car is on. This is a very dangerous situation as it allows car thieves ample opportunity to steal a car. If the tumblers start to shift, the lock cylinder may not be able to turn. In some cases the key can be jiggled until the lock cylinder turns, but it is important to remember that this is only a temporary fix.

Our qualified technicians can also solve extraction of broken igniton keys, change and repair locks, steering wheel problems, and SUV and RV Igniton Repair Service.

For a permanent fix to any ignition switch or lock cylinder problems, be sure to call your local Fort Collins Mechanic shop, All Things Automotive.

All Things Automotive serves Fort Collins, Loveland and the Northern Colorado area. We provide quality auto repair service and maintenance on any car, truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet repair. If you need an oil change, tune up or an accurate auto diagnostic testing and repair, you can count on the technicians and mechanics at All Things Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado for honest, dependable auto repair service at fair prices.
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