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Computer Diagnostic Service

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Why does an automobile need computers, anyway?

With older cars, a mechanic's job was pretty straightforward: the wires from every switch ran to the device they powered. Now, with more and more devices at the driver's command each year, computerized processes have became necessary as there is no room for that much tangled up wiring.

Computers have also allowed car manufacturers to add completely new features to automobile design. Over the last decade, safety systems such as ABS , air bags, traction-control, and stability-control systems have become common on cars. Each of these systems is computer controlled.

Computer diagnostics can make it easier for technicians to diagnose problems with the car, especially intermittent problems, which are hard to describe to your mechanic and hard for him to locate without computer diagnostics. So trust All Things Automotive to give you expert computer diagnostics.

All Things Automotive serves Fort Collins, Loveland and the Northern Colorado area. We provide quality auto repair service and maintenance on any car, truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet repair. If you need an oil change, tune up or an accurate auto diagnostic testing and repair, you can count on the technicians and mechanics at All Things Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado for honest, dependable auto repair service at fair prices.

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