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CV Boot & Axle Services

Over time the axle assembly of your automobile, with it's CV boots that protect the universal joints that connect to the axles that all together hold up your car, can become dangerously worn. If you hear a popping noise when turning or a grinding noise when driving, you may be having problems with the CV Boot and CV Axle.

The CV boot keeps grease inside the boot and on the joints, protecting the joints from dirt, water, or debris from the road. The rubber material out of which the boot is made allows the boot to stretch during turns, but it also allows for leaks or breaks. When this happens the grease drips out and contaminants get inside the joint, causing serious trouble. The CV boot when damaged can make a clicking noise or have a shuddering effect on turns.

Regular checks and maintenance of the CV boot and joints and axle assembly can save you money in repairs. Especially if you have been driving on rough terrain, there may be more possibilities of damage. The parts must be kept greased and free from grit and dirt because even a small amount of contaminant can damage or destroy your axle assembly. Pay attention to any sign of defect in the CV boot immediately, such as leaks or breakage. Doing so could save you money because it may save you the larger expense of dealing with damages to the CV joint itself, which is much more expensive. If the CV joint is damaged, it may be less expensive in the long run to replace with an entire CV shaft, which comes with joints and boots.

Let the expert mechanics at All Things Automotive help you maintain this critical part of your vehicle. Give us a call to set up your appointment or stop in at your convenience!

  • What is your CV Axle problem?
  • Popping noise when turning - Most likely a damaged CV Boot or CV Axle
  • Grinding noise when driving - Most likely a damaged CV Boot or Worn CV Axle
  • Give us a call today or stop by to have your CV Boot or Axle problem checked out and solved!
Ripped CV Boot New CV Boot
Ripped CV Boot New CV Boot

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